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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Launch Control

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Launch Control


00:00 - Launch control is a motorsport function in the G4+ that can help provide consistent launches at the racetrack or drag strip.
00:07 You can access the launch control settings by clicking on launch control under motorsport in the ECU settings menu.
00:15 By default launch control is turned off so we first need to select how we want to use it.
00:22 The options are a 2D table which will let us set launch RPM versus ground speed, a single launch RPM where the launch RPM remains fixed or a 3D table where we can vary launch RPM versus two parameters.
00:37 For this example, we're going to select single launch RPM which is best suited when you're using a clutch switch.
00:44 Activation control will let us select how the launch control mode will be enabled.
00:49 We can use a digital switch for instance to turn the function on or off or we can have it always enabled.
00:56 If it is always enabled the launch control will be active continuously and this will only work if we're using speed to disable launch control.
01:04 We have a clutch switch wired to digital input four so we will select this.
01:09 If you're using a digital input to activate the launch control, the arming time defines how long the input must be active before launch control will be enabled.
01:19 In our example we'll set this to one.
01:22 This means that that launch control won't become active during a normal gear change.
01:28 If we want, we can also use a fuel trim table to adjust the fuel delivery during launch control.
01:34 This isn't necessary in most instances.
01:37 If you choose to use this table, be aware that it is an overlay table that trims the main fuel table.
01:44 Positive numbers will add a percentage of fuel while negative values will remove fuel.
01:48 Next we have our launch RPM.
01:52 This is the RPM that we want the engine to hold when the launch control is active.
01:57 In our example, we're going to set this to 5500 RPM.
02:02 Now we have the option of adding some ignition trims during launch control operation.
02:08 This can be helpful for generating boost in turbocharged cars.
02:12 It does result in explosions in the exhaust manifold which can damage your turbo or catalytic converter.
02:18 You may also have trouble if your engine has hydraulic lifters as these may pump up causing the engine to drop cylinders.
02:26 Ignition retard adjust mode selects if we're going to use a table of a single zone for the ignition retard.
02:35 For simplicity we will again choose single zone.
02:38 The ignition retard mode defines if the retard value will be applied as a percentage, degrees or degrees absolute.
02:46 We will use degrees.
02:49 Next we can choose a throttle position and RPM activation point for the trim to become active.
02:55 This helps prevent the ignition retard occurring at idle where it could cause the enigne to stall.
03:01 We're going to select 4000 RPM and 80% thtrottle.
03:06 Lastly we have the actual ignition trim that we want to apply.
03:10 We are going to use -18° for our example.
03:14 Lastly we need to set the launch control limiting mode.
03:17 In this case we're going to use ignition cut.
03:20 Once our launch control system is set up, any time the clutch is engaged, the rev limit will be reduced to 5500 RPM.
03:29 If the driver pushes the throttle down, once the RPM exceeds 4000 and the throttle exceeds 80%, the ignition will be retarded by 18° from the timing in the main ignition map.
03:42 As soon as the clutch switches off, the ignition retard will be removed and the normal rev limit will be reinstated.
03:49 The launch control function will need to be adjusted to suit your car as well as the power it makes and how much traction you have.