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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Feature Unlocking

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Feature Unlocking


00:00 - As shipped, the Link G4+ has some of its software features locked.
00:04 In fact the ECU is also shipped in a disabled form which means it can't be used until it has been enabled.
00:10 If you want to enable your ECU, or upgrade it to take advantage of any of the locked features, you'll need to contact your local Link dealer and purchase the relevant code.
00:19 The enable code however is supplied at no additional cost when you purchase the ECU.
00:25 We'll look now at how to enable an ECU.
00:28 Once you have the code, simply go online to your ECU, you'll see a window here which tells you the ECU is disabled.
00:35 Click OK.
00:37 Now select feature unlock from the drop down ECU controls menu.
00:41 A window will open showing which features are currently unlocked.
00:45 Enter your code in the box on the bottom right and press OK.
00:50 If your code is accepted, the relevant feature will be unlocked.
00:54 You can now go back to the feature unlock window and you will see the ECU is enabled.