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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial: Getting Started

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Getting Started


00:00 - Hi I'm Andre from the High Performance Academy, and I want to welcome you to our Link G4 Plus training course.
00:06 This course will not teach you how to tune, and assumes an understanding of basic engine tuning principals.
00:12 We will however teach you how to use the powerful, PC linked tuning software to get the most out of your G4 Plus ECU.
00:20 The Link G4 Plus ECU is an incredibly powerful engine management system, capable of controlling a wide range of engines, as well as advanced functions such as closed loop boost control, drive by wire throttle, and cam control.
00:34 The PC linked software used to tune a Link G4 Plus range of ECUs is very flexible, yet user friendly and fast to tune with.
00:42 Just like any modern ECU, getting the most out of the Link G4 Plus does require a thorough understanding of how the ECU functions, and how to navigate the PC linked tuning software.
00:53 This course will give you a tour of the PC linked software, And explain in detail, all of the typical options and tables that you will use to set up and tune an engine.