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3sge beams engine build

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good day folks, i am about to embark on a 3sge beams engine rebuild, looking for a daily reliable street car with about 450hp on pump gas. between the options of piston choices is 86mm or 86.5mm however the standard block limit is 86.23mm making me decide against the 86.5mm without installing steel liners. has anyone here done a build like this because searching online there isnt much builds like it. just need a few tips on the build feel free to input

Where are you getting the "standard block limit" figure from?

Looking at a lot of peoples builds, 86.5mm seems OK, 87mm is the ultimate limit.

Have you got anybody that can check the thickness with ultrasound?

The engine repair manual issues that the block wear limit is 86.23mm. Ive had an experience with a 4g63 that was .020" oversized and the block had cracked, so if i was to go with 86.5mm i was just going to feel safer with steel liners

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There may be a little confusion there - the stock bore is 86mm and the .23 will be the 'limit' for the bore wear before a re-bore and new pistons are required.

Several variants of the engine have a 87mm bore and there is even a turbo-charged race variant with, reportedly, 89mm bores - the 503E.

However, while these engines may be of the same 'series' engine type, I don't know about block variations other than the bores for the latter. [edit] Seems to be little different from the later 3S block, you may wish to investigate further..

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