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Hi, Does anyone know if Pure Performance Motorsport in Australia has their factory on site?

Could you clarify what your enquiring about, that question can mean at least three different things as phrased.

If you're asking if they have a web site - https://www.pureperformancemotorsport.com/

Hi, I've looked at the website, I know where they are and what they do. Just wanted to know if the factory, where they make parts is located at the same site as the address on the website? Are they Australian made?

Looking at the location on Google Map, there is no heavy manufacturing happening at that location. They may have some CNC machinery on site, but there is definitely no casting or forging operations. The address listed is most likely only a showroom and warehousing facility.

It's not unusual for satellite production facilities to be used, even within the same city, so the actual site used by the main retail/sales point may not be indicative - they certainly have pictures of manufacturing stations on their site, with the implication is that they're their's. With some low run products where capital investment is high, it also isn't unusual to use a 'local' production company to make limited runs - this can be a very good practice if the quality controls are still kept high.

"Chinese", and other countries', companies can be at least the equivalent of anything from the 'west' provided the commissioning company ensures their quality standards are met.

If you have specific components you're interested in, or prefer to avoid subsidising some country's trade balance, give them a call.

Many thanks for your replies.

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