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Increasing the compression ratio and gas?

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I have a k9 gsxr 1000, the stock compression ratio is 12,5:1 and I was thinking of going to 14,0:1

Will I still be fine at that increase level for pump gas? (I live in Germany)

Without having specific experience with the GSXR1000 engine it's hard to be completely certain, however I'd be very surprised if you could get away with 14:1 CR on normal pump gas. You'd most likely be knock limited and the enforced conservative timing would likely undo the potential gains from the higher CR. E895 on the other hand would probably be good match.

We do have e10 here... and I'm pretty sure my bike will work with it...

Thanks for the reply. I want to get a solid 200hp+ from my bike. I haven't decided if I wanted to get a high cr pistons or bigger pistons.

I have some cams on order, and headers to complete the exhaust should be arriving this week with a race air filter.

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