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Step decking - cons?

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Looking for input regarding step decking.

Specifically around sealing water and oil with an MLS gasket on a stepped block.

Is it normal to use some kind of sealant to aid in sealing?

With the proper gasket, step deck performed properly, you shouldn't need sealant.

That said, with or without step decking, some builders use sealant because when properly selected and applied, it might avoid a leak you'd get otherwise.

So essentially this is something opinion varies on, whether you have a step deck or not, and having step deck doesn't necessarily require an alternate procedure, but depending on step height, gasket height, you may need something to help seal. The machine shop can hopefully let you know so you don't have to get tools to measure yourself.

Thank you for your input!

I do all my own machining but I have no experience with step decking.

In that case I imagine you have the tools to measure and confirm you'll have proper crush on the gasket in the areas you're concerned with. That's the best bet, and when surfaces are flat, proper RA, proper clearance, sealant really shouldn't be required. Easier said than done of course. I leave the machine work to others myself. :)

Machining and measuring should not be an issue.

I see some people seem to run 0,075mm protrusion, that seems a little much.

Will test 0.05mm and see how it behaves.

This is an SR20 I have sleeved, I have done a few without step-deck but this one is set up to make a decent amount of power.

Again ,thank you!

Tommy that sounds like a reasonable approach and I think you'll have good results.

Best of luck with the project!

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