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Storing parts.

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I am going to strip a motor tomorrow, to be rebuilt at a later date. Would it help to wipe everything down with oil to keep rust away before covering them and storing them? After cleaning everything and drying that is.The block deck, bores,and the bottom of the block, the head, pistons, conrod's, caps, crankshaft and camshaft and all the valve train, everything? Appreciate any feedback.

Thick "sticky" oil (eg assembly lube), or if you are extra cautious, grease. More important if you are storing them in a garage in a wet cold place like England!

I have seen people using the food storage vacuum sealers to store parts like camshafts, rods, pistons, and other small engine components for long term storage, usually with a sheen of WD-40 or similar on the parts, and a silica bag sealed in with it to capture any remaining moisture.

As Steven said, and with sealed bags, you could also purge them with CO₂, N₂, or any other neutral welding/whatever non-free oxygen gas you have available.

There are numerous marine protective sprays/coatings available, as an option to WD40, too.

Depending on how long and how large LPS 1 for cleaning then LPS 2 for 'short term' storage, LPS 3 for 'long term' storage. LPS 3 is akin to cosmoline and will protect against just about everything.

What is LPS?

There are "engine fogging" sprays specifically for this, designed to stick better than typical oils.

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