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Idle air control valves setup/use/control

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Watching closely many of the examples dealing with Idle little mention is said about idle Air control valves for idle control.

I would really like to learn more about how to set them up in the ECU AEM Infinity 6, understand how they function in the idle system (although I have a basic idea), and how to use them in my tuning of idle.

Thank you


Hi Pete,

Sounds like another perfect topic for a webinar. The 350Z isn't going to strictly be much use to us here as it (along with most modern dbw throttle engines) uses the electronic throttle for idle speed control. Give me a little more information about your setup and what you're trying to achieve and I'll see if I can help a little more.

image attached.. Honda 3.5L J series V6 out of a Honda odessy. into a 1990 Mazda miata. sensor at the top of the Throttle body is MAP, on the left is TPS, and at the bottom is IACV and solenoid. Is there other information

While I would like to run the DBW throttle body, it's a bit much to configure at this point. To fabricate in a DBW pedal set into a 1990 Mazda miata is more than I need right now. I could see going to a DBW in the future but for now Cables are compatible with my setup. I see the advantage of having the DBW do all the idle control vs IACV.

Thank you


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The IAC is just an air bypass. Some are on/off, but most are PWM.

It's work in the same fashion than the Idle ignition control HERE

(BTW Andre talk a little bit about it in the beginning)

but instead of changing the ignition advance you adjust the duty on the IAC.

since I asked the IACV question.. if you do a webinar... do it on the AEM infinity...

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