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Throttle% VS MAP

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hey guys,

I was just wondering what are the advantages (if there are any) of tuning VE tables using throttle % for the load axis VS using MAP for load axis. Does it make a difference if the engine is NA or Turbo? which is best to use for suited (load axis) for which engine (NA/Turbo).

G'day Josh.

Good results can be achieved using either method, but my experience is that if you can get a good solid MAP signal (single throttlebody engine, with a good plenum), it's a better indication of engine load under all situations.

We've got an R32 GTR in at the moment we're doing some work with, and Andre did a webinar about tuning it using TPS as the main load axis, as its an ITB engine. Give it a watch, as he goes through some of the idiosyncrasies involved.



Thanks for the help! ill give it a look and see if it clears up my questions.

from my expierence you get better transient AFR's with Tps on main axis and MAP correction on a overlay table.

If you have a variable cam vehicle and want or need to move away from a MAF then this can only be properly done with Throttle as cam angle will constantly alter VE.

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