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Gear Position Troubleshooting

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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My name is Christian and I am seeking any troubleshooting advice or knowledge. I am replacing a TCM from a Corvette with a M150 and a CANbridge NT420 (CAN-FD to CAN). M1 recognizes driver input DRIVE, REVERSE, and NEUTRAL but the vehicle never engages any gear and remains in the NEUTRAL state. I have retraced the inputs and outputs, increased my Diag Hi voltage values, and collected multiple logs but no luck yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Christian,

You are running a custom Firmware with non standard functionality. Unless the M1 Build Project is shared it is going to be very difficult for anyone other than the developer to diagnose the causes of the issues that you are having. Have you spoken to Peitz Performance about this issue? They should be providing support for a Package that they have written.

Hi Christian, unfortunately Stephen is spot on here - You're going to need to rely on the developer for support fault findsing your issues. I dealt with Alex Peitz a few years back and found him to be exceptionally helpful so I can't imagine it will be difficult for him or his team to get on top of this with you. Let us know how you get on.

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