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M1 analogue input Hi/Lo

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I have an external devise that give me a Ground signal on Analog voltage Input 8 for shift cut

I see the reading change from 0.010VDC to 0.003VDC when the devise send me the good signal

How could I activate ignition to cut by the shift SIGNAL input?

A 0.007V change is pretty small. You probably need to provide a pull-up resistor on the input. I would configure a "Driver Switch" (Vehicle-->Driver Switch, then tick the "setup" and "normal" tags) with the correct Analog Voltage channel, enable the pull-up resistor. Probably set the Threshold to 2V with -0.5V hystersesis.

You don't say what package you have, but if it's GPR (needed for shift cut), then set "Gear Lever Up Switch Index" to use the Driver Switch you configured.

the input now work since you give good info :)

Now I need to setup the ignition cut

I think I will need to set a minimum % of Throttle like 88%

The other settings I need to insert are Ignition cut main? this is % for retard, If I put 50% how much degrees it will cut on about 18degrees?

You need to understand each of the parameters using the M1 Tune Help. Ignition Cut completely disables ignition for some percentage of the time (ie. 50% means half the ignition events do not occur).

My advice is to make sure your gear estimate is correct (ie, the correct gear ratios are entered, and the gear position is working correctly), then enable the Gear Shift Engine Speed Limit Mode. This will use the Engine Speed Limiter to slow the engine the correct amount to allow the next gear to engage. Normally with racing dog-gear boxes there is no need to reduce the throttle during a gear shift.

I suggest opening the firmware help and starting at Gear Shift to learn what needs to happen, and what you should adjust.

Good Luck!

The Throttle Aim values are for Throttle Blipping on downshifts or off throttle upshifts using a DBW Throttle, you need to set this to provide enough of a blip on the throttle that the engine speed can be increased enough for the next gear to be engaged smoothly. It is better to use a slightly higher opening, than a lower opening as the M1 will use ignition cut to control the engine speed if needed.

The numbers needed for all of these settings are hard to specify as there are too many factors involved. I do the calibration work on two other Subarus as well as my car, all with the same engine/drivetrain combination (EJ207 and Samsonas Sequential 6 speed controlled by MoTeC M150's running GPR-P and the MoTeC Paddleshift system) each of these cars has quite different settings due to driver preferences and style.

im back on this setup

-Gear setup work 1 to 4

-Strain gage input work

I now need to make the ignition cut work

-Driver gear shit switch came ON

-Driver Switch 1 input came ON

-Gear shift still Idle, so this is the issue

thank for help


here are my settings