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Motec new package no injector timing during cranking

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi, on my new package when cranking I don't have injector duty cycle readings, still 0%

RPM signal work in M1 tune about 270rpm

I attached the package


Attached Files

Has the Engine Speed Reference State changed to Cycle Lock? That is the first step in getting fuel and spark. In M1 Tune, go to Initial Setup->Ref Sync worksheet, and crank to make sure you see Cycle Lock. If not, the diagnostics channels you need are on that worksheet.

I would also suggest you use Online->Capture Inputs... to capture the Ref & Sync signals to make sure you've got good signals that match your configuration.

You can test the injectors (and ignition) to make sure they are correctly wired, using "Engine Output Test" found on the Initial Setup->Injectors worksheet. You can test each cylinder -- be sure to set a Test Engine Speed (2000 RPM is good).

Thanks a lot David

Engine Cycle lock status is fine. I think it display lock , or cycle...

I will check capture input

Since the problem is only with the update package, it's calibration related

here is the Cycle lock, you see Inj Duty in the red cercle, rpm, etc

capture input

I think your problem is the Inlet Manifold Pressure is below 0. There is no need for fuel if there is no air.

I would figure out if the calibration for the Inlet Manifold Pressure sensor was correct.

I also see your fuel pressure, (and oil pressure) is also zero, if it's an out of range sensor, it should provide a reasonable default (as should the manifold pressure).

yeah fuel pump is OFF for testing.

For Inlet Manifold Pressure I scale it to have 0 psi at atmospheric pressure like most software used in America. But you are right. I rescale it to 0-75 and fuel injector duty is back ON

you are awesome

thanks a lot

Glad that worked out. Thanks for posting the screen shots -- that's what made this possible.

Inlet Manifold Pressure in the M1 is expected to be an absolute (MAP) reading, so if the calibration is give a reading of 0 then the fuelling is based on this being 0kPa Abs, or a hard vacuum in the manifold. It doesn't recognise negative values as a below ambient (Guage) pressure.

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