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Reference injector flow Motec M1

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When entering the references for Injector flow/psid, Do you always use flow at 300kpa pressure difference? Or do you reference flow at the psid your setup runs?

E.g ID 1300x2 flows 1335 cc/min at 300kpa psid and 1520cc/min@380kpa psid. Which of these values to use if you run a 380kpa FPR?


Reference flow pressure should be the pressure that the injector company or whoever gave you the flow numbers used to come up with at that flow rate. You can use either of the numbers you posted in your example, but I would use the one closer to what you are going to set your base fuel pressure at.

In theory the ECU will calculate the change in injector flow based on your current differential pressure, however the theoretical flow vs differential pressure doesn't entirely stack up with measured values, hence it's always best to use data closest to what you're running.

Yes, thank you Andre for confirming. ..