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Startup problems Motec m142 GPR-DI Seat leon BWA Audi A3 Engine

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I have a problem. When I start the engine the engine speed goes up and down and then it increases uncontrollably. When that happend i got fault message invalid derlivery angel. I can see that my exhaust lamda value gose up and down. Can my problem have any thing to to with engine speed reference offset? How can i confirm that i have the right number selected? i have cycle lock.

Im not an expert this is my first time with motec efi.

i have Attach log file

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best advise is to run though all the basic set ups ap tp settings and set the base timing

check thu the videos on here to see how to do these

Regards Ross

You need to use a timing light to confirm the Engine Speed Reference Offset. If you don't have a timing mark, then that is the first thing you must do, unless you are using a factory trigger setup, and are absolutely sure that there is only one correct value (confirmed by MoTeC or another trusted source using a MoTeC M1).

Thanks Ross and David!

I have controlled ESR offset and adjust it with 3 degrees. And adjusted the cam offset as well. I got the engine running correct men i altered the number in the EF table. I suspect that is something wrong withe the injector calibration. Seems like the the engine is running lean. Have controlled the wiring and i seems right. The high pressure fuel pump track target aim. I dont have anybody to compare package with.

Where can i find the right calibration for my injectors?

This injecotor is Original for VAG engine 2,0TFSI Direct injection

Bosch 06F 906 036 F / 0 261 500 037

I have wired the injectors to A1 - to negative i side off injector and A1+ for the positive side for cyl2. And the same for the other tree. I know that they not came in the right order. And in firmware wiring A1+ i not allocated. Is this right or have i wired it wrong?

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