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Toyota 86 - Driver Linked Switch sheet?

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Andre you're the man to ask about this. In the motec M1 course driver switching video you look at two worksheets in the vehicle workbook. One is driver input switch and the other is driver linked switch.

I'm in one of my Toyota 86 packages and there's only the tab "Driver Switch" which is the switch setup page. I seem to be missing the driver linked switch page to define what they do. However in all calibrate I can find the switch controls, they're just not in the one tab.

Is this just a peculiarity of the 86 package?

You will find the Driver Linked Functions tab inside the Driver Switch worksheet. As you mention, you can basically do anything and everything through the 'All Calibrate' menu.

Are you on the Feb 2015 package or the older package?

Cheers Andre, I found what I was after.

I'd just upgraded to the Feb 2015 package when I posted that, although I understand there's another decent package upgrade not far away.

I'm currently setting up an 86 with the 1UZFE VVTi engine fitted using MoTeC's 86 Engine Swap package and there are quite a few differences between this and the base 86 OE package. The 86 Engine Swap package has also been seeing a number of revisions over the last few months but I wouldn't class any of the changes as being really fundamental. Aspects such as being able to use the factory dash lights to indicate that the oil temp is below a threshold, or that the launch control is active. I'd assume these will get passed on to the OE package but can't confirm.

Those lights have been removed from the engine swap package and will not be appearing in the standard 86 package until further notice. A few issues we are still working through.