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Combination air sensors. Bosch

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey these Bosch T-MAP fluid (PN 0261230340) sensors are awesome for fluid. Does anyone have info on a pressure and temp sensor that can be put in the air system is IAT IAP MAP. Basically the complete Intake and charge pipes I would like to be able to run just 1 sensor type the whole way through. It would also have to be able to run vacuum.

Also I’m after a high temp sensor that will be able to withstand the temps of the charge air right out of the turbo. Maybe 200deg C without having to run a EGT. I see Honeywell do one you to 140C

Sorry, this forum is stupid how it messes up links, Im sure you can work it out...

Haha thanks mate I will look at them now

Hey so those Bosch sensors. These will be the adaptor for them?


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