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DMC AF8 Turret Selection

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi Is there an easy way to confirm which turret you should use as I see there is a bit of cross over between the turrets.

Specifically I have a TH1A, TH4 and the TH163 turrets. I am crimping a 20AWG wire into a DTM connector that came with connectors that have brown brown green bands.

I found a document on the DMC site that indirectly stated that the TH1A is the correct turret for this, however all three turrets seem to work in this range.

Is there a correct turret or does it not matter if the settings on the side of the turret are followed?

TH1A is the correct one for DTP, DT & DTM pins/sockets. Im not sure about the TH4 as I've never used one but the TH163 is for different pins (typically size 16 autosports), so the positioning (depth) is wrong.

It sounds like the terminals you have been supplied with are:

Pin - Brown, Brown, Black M39029/4-110

Socket - Brown, Brown, Green M39029/5-115

These are gold contacts and are from the MIL-DTL series connectors. These contacts also fit the DTM Industrial series.

The TH1A turret is correct.

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