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Garrett turbo speed sensor for G Series

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I have purchased a couple of speed sensors for my Garrett G series turbos (See attached image)

Each have 3 cores within a premade cable and a HUGE manufactures plug itself covered in heat shield.

We need the sensors for mapping the engine, to ensure the turbo is in the correct operating envelope.

My question is

I cannot find technical details of the speed sensor connector, i.e. why is it so large?

I am presuming there is circuitry within the connector body ? I would like to use a Deutsch ASL connector.

If there is circuitry in the connector, then my only option will be to ‘pott’ the manufacturer's connector.

If there is no circuitry in the connector, then i could cut off manufacturer's connector and replace with Deutsch ASL connector.

I appreciate any feedback

Many thanks


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The circuitry in the harness is probably a frequency divider as some ECU can't keep up with the high frequency output of the sensor. The connector seems to be a AMP Superseal 1.5 with 3 terminals.

You said you purchased the sensors, can you contact the manufacturer in order to get the specs from them?

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