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Wireing DBW actuator for use with ITB setup

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi im planning my wireing at the moment but have a question about how to wire the DBW throttle actuator (it's a EFI hardware unit based on a bosch dbw throttle but modified to actuate an arm instead of a throttle plate) it has 2 TPS signal outs for forward and reverse but I also have a seperate variom TPS located on the itbs themselves the diagram that is on the efi hardware website uses one of the outputs from the throttle body sensor and one from the actuator sensor but due to the linkage it probably only uses about 90% of the actuator travel so these won't be directly correlated will this work when calibrating in the ecu ?

I would use both outputs from the actuator for controlling the DBW. Just like with a manual linkage you will make sure that full travel is achieved and the stop on the actuator is used for both hi and low positions.

Depending on the ECU (and the linkage), it can be a real challenge (read that as "nearly impossible") to achieve the correct mapping between two sensors at different points in the linkage. Just skip that by using a dual output sensor right on the actuator. A buddy of mine just did a dual actuator setup using those EFI Hardware actuators, and it got it working really well in only a few minutes using the built-in position sensors.

Great thanks for the help thought it might be a bit difficult to get it to work properly using 2 seperate sensors

I'm checking in to see how this is going. Any progress Edward?

I am also in the process of implementing a DBW setup using the same hardware. Following this with interest.

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