008: Hillclimb Monsters & Remote Road Tuning [PODCAST]

Obsidian Motorsport's Sander Marques is one of the smartest people we've ever met in the motorsport industry. In this week's HPA Tuned In podcast, the long-time tuner and @MoTeC Global guru sits down with Andre to talk about how he got to where he is now, what's changed through the years, as well as some of the mistakes he's made along the way.

Sander provides some interesting insight into what you do and don't need to know to begin tuning from his perspective, and why having a good understanding of the mechanical side of a vehicle is so important if you want to become a good, well-rounded tuner. Sander also spends time discussing some of the cooler projects he's been involved with, in particular BBI Autosport's Pikes Peak class-winning twin-turbo Porsche 911 GT3 hill climb car, which was not only tuned remotely but also without a dyno.

For the nerdier listeners, Sander and Andre also get deep into the ins and outs of MoTeC's powerful M1 Build software and discuss how properly understanding it can unlock huge potential for the switched-on tuner. VE tables, torque curves, and a whole lot of tuning geekery are the flavour of the day for this episode, so if that sounds like a bit of you, get settled in for a big healthy dump of knowledge from one of the best.

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