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7MGTE Timing with Ecumaster Classic

Practical Standalone Tuning

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On a stock 7MGTE timing is set by adjusting the cam position sensor while having the Te1 and E1 ports of the diagnostic connector jumped to 10 degrees BTDC at 650rpm. So while trying to set base timing with an EMU Classic with a PNP adapter would I just need to adjust timing with the trigger angle in the Ecumaster software or do I still need to adjust the CPS and diagnostic ports jumped?

You need to use the ECU Master software. There's a way to lock the timing at any degree you want, the setting is in the "Ignition - primary trigger" menu. Just click the "Ignition Angle Lock" option and adjust the # of degrees you want it locked at. Then you check your ignition timing with a timing lamp so it match what you locked your timing at in the software.

I was able to get base timing set with the ignition locked at 10 degrees and adjusting the trigger angle in the Ecumaster software. Thank you for the input Frank @ Elegant Drift Shop. When I unlock the ignition though the idle speed oscillates quiet a lot and the ECU retards the the timing to around 7 degrees. I am sure this has something to do with the idle ignition control trying to make corrections but it seems to pull it to far one way or the other getting itself stuck in a loop of over correcting.

Yeah, I usually disable the ignition correction when I tune the idle (VE, Ignition and Idle Air Circuit). I try to have the best idle possible then I re-enable it after I'm done.

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