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Base timing maps

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Where can we find the base timing maps for this course? This was mentioned around the 8:00 minute mark in the "Table Configuration" video. It would be nice to check what I have built against that to see if I am starting on the right track.


Hi Ryan, sorry for that. We've reattached the file but I've also added it here for you.

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What map is this for ? Is it a reference map of what we can expect to see tuning a turbo charged vehicle ? And also can I use these numbers as my base ignition timing with my data logging acquisition as I am also road tuning ?

This was just provided if you didn't have anyplace to start. In most cases folks can start with the OEM timing values, but sometimes when converting to a standalone, they don't know what those were (this was a lot harder in the days before internet forums!) If you are re-flashing an OEM ECU, you won't really need this since you should have the stock values to start with.

These maps look like a safe starting point for just about any single-plug engine (engines with dual plugs often have several degrees less advance since there are two flame fronts at work).

My application is a 2j gte vvti with standalone ecu with 440 injectors with a single turbo and 264 cams lol I really don’t have anywhere to start other than putting in the base values Andre discussed at 15 degrees through the range in the “setting base ignition ” in the worked MS3 example .

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