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ECUMaster Black - Jaguar XJR engine - Primary Trigger Voltage

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I'm having issues getting a crank trigger reading with ECUMaster Black. Switch ignition on theres 4.2V across the circuit. Rises to over 5v cranking. Ive VR+ going to primary trigger and VR- and the shield wire going to sensor ground.

The XJR uses a VR crank sensor so I assumed that the voltage would be generated from the sensor itself. So i disconnected the sensor and with just the ECU earths and grounds connected, I'm getting 4.2V being outputted from the primary trigger(pin 8). Is this correct or is it possible I have a faulty ECU?

Sounds like the ECU has a pull-up enabled. Are you sure it configured for a VR-type sensor?

Hey Dave, I had received the base map from someone so didnt want to change the configuration but sure enough Pullup 4k7 was enabled. Switched to none and it synced up straight away.

Thanks for your help!