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Formula for Calculating Fuel Pump Flow

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Good Morning Everyone,

I hope all is well. Does anyone have a formula that I can use with the BSFC constants to calculate the required fuel pump flow for a particular application? Right now I use the BSFC constants to calculate injectors needed for a particular build. I wrote a desktop app that I can quickly punch the numbers into. I wanted to extend that functionality to include fuel pumps.

Any info would be great.


Wouldn't you just multiply your calculated injector flow by the number of injectors to determine the pump requirements?

So if I get a calculated rate of 660cc/min and I am running 6 injectors on a V6. Then I would 660 * 6 = 3,960 and then convert cc/min to litre/hour would then give 237.6 lph or round up to 238 lph. Does that seem accurate?

Yes -- I think that would be a good minimum fuel pump capacity.

Thank you for your help.

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