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Can anyone explain to me why it was tuned for stock power?

I dont understand, Stock these cars came out with 220 HP, and Andre tuned it to 218hp, will someone explain to me what it is all about?

Manufacturers use the flywheel values, tuners use the value at the wheels, which is always going to be lower because it's after drivetrain, etc, losses.

In other words, one is what they promise, the other is what you get.

I understand that, but any tuner has stage 1 from 250-290 ps and here we only got 218 and why did we get such a small result?

Assuming the 'tuners' are being honest, and the vehicle is still 'stock' other than the tune, those figures will still be flywheel and not wheel - not sure what your issue is, as you seem to be hung up on it?

No, I know the difference between whp or bhp but I thought that their braking power would be much greater in this vehicle, especially if you look at the results of other stage 1 types other tuners.