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hi everyone i have a small issu with the base map on one of our cars


maxxecu street ecu

aircooled 3.2 liter porsche engine single throttle body

sensor=o2,map,tps,iat,coolant,crank(no cam sensor),flex fuel

map primary VE table

I already did a proper dyno cession (brake dyno)so fare everything work fine

Main issue during "smooth" take off on the road ,Map value vary between 45 kpa to 65 kpa resulting to eratic start.

I try to add cell on the "smooth" take off area but ,since the cruising area are basically the same as the smooth take off the result is not perfect.

DO you have any recomendation?i been thinking using a second map with tps for low opening

best regards clement

Sounds like you might need acceleration enrichment. Or the ignition timing table is not smooth and is making too large of a jump between cells.

What does your O2 sensor indicate during the "eratic" start?

Sharing some logged data would probably result in more useful suggestions.

thank you for your answer .I try to play with acceleration enrichment without success ,the timing table is ok (no variation during take off).

the main problem is huge map variation during smooth take off .

I will try to make a logged tomorrow