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Motec M150

Practical Standalone Tuning

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is there any way to remove the engine protection/limitation on the M150 ?

my pedal dbw for the gt86 is sometimes error, and making no sense.

when it happen on race, its devastating, throttle limited and can get me killed on the track


If you are sure the calibration is correct (we would need to see logs with all the relevant channels logged at high speed), then I would replace / redesign the faulting device.

Fix the pedal. Toyota 86 throttle pedals are junk.

There is no way that MoTeC (or any other reputable ECU manufacturer) will remove failsafe protections from a DBW system to resolve a throttle system hardware issue.

this is on race track, after start... the dbw suddenly locked, engine stalled.

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and this is when i try to drive back home from race track. some pedal tracking error here.

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@BlackRex i am changing to new one, the pedal and throttle

one thing i always curious, i always get error code for DB Relay , what is that means

FYI im using plug and play harness from MOTEC

@David Ferguson

please advice

Both of those files show the fault is with the pedal. You may be able to re-calibrate it (particularly get the offset for the tracking correct). Based on Stephen's experience, I would get a new pedal (or two so I could carry a spare with me to the track).

i am installing new pedal and e throttle, see if anything will comes up again

the weird thing is, it never have problem when i use stock ECU

Really?, after having pedal failure with the MoTeC ECU, you re-installed the stock ECU and were able to complete the weekend with no issues?

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