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Motec M800 Downshift and Auto Blip

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello, greetings to all, I would like you to help me on this occasion with the following:

We have a 2011 Chevy Camaro with HGT Precision 6 speed sequential transmission and a Motec M800 gold box ECU, I am configuring the Flatshift and I have already gotten the upshift to work well but the down shift is giving me problems, I cannot downshift but press the clutch pedal, I can't get it to do the auto blip either!

I attach the map to help me identify what I am doing wrong.

I am not an expert tuner, everything I am doing is learning from HP Academy and in reality everything has turned out very well.

I used google traslate.

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  • Camaro-RS-CU5762_Reyco_Final_downshiftSetupV.1.1.e35
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Let's start with basics. Do you have a log?

Since you mentioned no blip is occurring, have you confirmed gear force is greater than the minimum you've set during downshift attempts?

Is a cut occuring?

Hi Mr. Mike, don't have a log. As I mentioned, I'm learning how to do this downshift thing and I've seen some videos on how to do it but I tried it with the Motec I have and I couldn't, it's an M800 gold box.

Yes, the force is greater than the minimum that i set, i don't feel that cut is ocurring also i don't feel that cut occuring but the up shift the cut does work.

Something strange is that i mount the car in lift, cut and blip occurring, underfloor not.

Gotcha. As a general rule when something is working in one condition but not another, I would get a datalog with all relevant monitors included, and compare the logs to see what's actually different, and then you will have more direction to correct the situation.

Data logging is needed.

It looks like you have a throttle pedal translation table configured in a way to hold the throttle servo open around idle. Is there a reason for doing this, and not using the DBW Idle Control? These sorts of tables can cause response issues in the DBW system.

I hadn't seen that, I'll check it out and no, I have no reason to.

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