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RX7 FD3S - LINK ECU - Sec W Lockout

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Good Afternoon,

Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction here please?

Setting up injector staging on the Link ECU. I have 2x850cc Primaries and 2x ASNU 1500cc Secondaries. I have worked out the Sec/Pri ratio but really confused on the the Sec PW lockout should be? I have the 1.90ms from the link base map figure but I think this is more than likely wrong?



Many Thanks

Around 1.5-2.0ms is normally good, you want to set this somewhere above where the secondary injector flow is linear. Basically what this means is the ECU wont open the secondaries until the calculated PW for the secondaries is more than 1.9ms - so even if you are commanding the secondaries to open, it will keep running on primaries until the sec lockout is met. This prevents the secondaries from being commanded a short PW that would cause it to work in its erratic or non-linear range.

Also, for the sec/primary flow ratio - it is good to start with a calculated as you have there, but make sure you verify it is correct before doing any full load tuning. To verify this, set the staging table to 0% (so all fuel is injected via primaries), hold the engine at medium RPM, medium load, note the current AFR, then change the staging table to 100% (so all fuel is now injected via the secondaries), if your flow ratio is correct then the lambda wont change. If lambda goes rich when you swap to 100% sec then make that ratio number bigger.

Also note, you can get an explanation for most settings by clicking on it if you have the help browser open or by hitting F1 on any setting or menu. Here is the help file info for that setting:

Perfect thank you for confirming this. I am happy with the rest of the injector fuel staging data.

Just one question, on the link ecu base map for the rx7 fd3s; I'm assuming the secondary injection data is for the stock 850cc secondary injectors for the stock rx7 fd3s? The reason I am asking is because I have copied that data over to my primary injectors which are also the same oem 850cc but im using them in the primary for my application.

Our FD test car Im pretty sure has stock 550ish primaries and Indy blues (yuck) on the secondaries.

Ahh i see, thank you for confirming. Do you have the oem 850cc secondary injector data at all?

I dont sorry.

No worries, thank you for the help and support much appreciated.

One last question on the link g4+ is it possible to use a GP Rpm limit to setup an engine protection strategy for a lean out condition?

Is there a better way to do it than how i've set it up below? Is it possible to change the limit mode to rotary only for the gp rpm limits?


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