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Standalone Install on Honda L15b1 engine(Direct injection)

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hello, I have a 2015 honda Fit Rs Gk3 with L15b1 engine.

It has a direct injection system. I want to install a standalone ECU in it. Can anyone suggest me an ECU which support direct injection. Or any reflash option for my car.

MoTeC has a Firmware Package for the L15 using either the M122 or M142 ECU. The M122 is a small form factor (same size as the M130) DI M1 that is designed for use with a 4 cylinder engine and has a smaller I/O count.

Thanks for the recommendation. But are there any cheaper alternatives?

The Link G4+ Force supports the L15B, but mostly it is used in aircraft and race cars due to its low weight, so we don't have support for the OEM CAN bus in the Fit chassis.

I can use the G4+ force in parallel with the OEM ECU just to let all its CAN bus system work for cluster and others. Am i right?

Piggyback is not usually something I like to do. However assuming it is a manual transmission it is usually possible, just there will be challenges to overcome as you work through it. For example AC request may be via CAN so the Link ECU wont be able to control the AC clutch. If auto trans I would not attempt a piggyback.

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