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Steady state fuel tuning

Practical Standalone Tuning

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In tuning VE table which should i focus on? The pressure the air is entering the manifold like the kPa? Or the RPM?... Im more likely to tune on street so more on road tuning... Cos on street when pedal is pressed throtle opens wider then rpm increases... Thanks....

Hi Julius, if you check out the road tuning modules in the course you'll see some techniques that will allow you to access more of the cells in the fuel table. It's important to make sure you tune as many of the cells as you can in the areas the engine spends the majority of its time. This includes idle, cruise, and the transition to full power. From here the full power sites can be tuned using full throttle runs.

Hi Julius,

Well as Andre said, watch the module on how to street tune, so you have a better understanding, but basically you control the load with your foot by using the brakes, and rpm using the throttle pedal,

Now you should look at both the load (kpa) column and the RPM Axis so you know which cell you need to do the changes to.

I would suggest if you haven't to check the working examples on some E-managers and will get the idea, then watch street tune module, and you have all the basics to street tune,

Hope it helps

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