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where in the efi tuning process would i set and adjust verniers

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when would you adjust verniers for gains and to then how would you intergrate that change on the map? and how does this affect the timing and fuel in general?

If you're tuning an engine with vernier cam gears and you expect to adjust them then the process needs a little bit of a rethink. The issue is that every time you move the cam timing it will affect the engine VE and hence the fuel and ignition requirements. It makes little sense then to spend a lot of time fine tuning the fuel and ignition in steady state and then mess it all up because you move the cam timing once you start doing full power ramp runs.

My process is to jump ahead and actually dial in the WOT tune first. This needs to be approached carefully and gradually, creeping out in 500-1000 rpm increments and extrapolating ahead to flesh out the fuel and ignition maps. It's less scary than it sounds and you can usually get the map dialled in in 5-10 ramp runs. Then I'd optimise the cam timing before finally going back through and doing all your steady state tuning.

cheers that's exactly what i needed to know, was aware to the affect of that the vernier has going to change the ve shape and was thinking i was going to have to map it all to then do it all again after setting the cam once i could do WOT runs. this sounds like it should save some valuable time. cheers.

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