081: PROPERLY Understand Knock and Become a Better Tuner. [PODCAST]

It’s something that can destroy your engine in seconds… but how much do you really know about pre-ignition, knock, and super-knock? On this episode of Tuned In, we’ve invited Ioannis Andrianakis from Plex Tuning to talk us through these terms, how his highly-regarded series of knock sensors work, and what we do and don’t need to worry about when it comes to all things detonation.

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Calling in from Athens, Greece, Ioannis has been in the tuning game since the mid-nineties and has some great stories about what he had to resort to in order to tune a vehicle at a time when there was next to no such thing as standalone ECUs outside of the professional race world.

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We then delve into the creation of Plex Tuning, as well as how and why Ioannis developed his popular range of data loggers, digital dashes, data acquisition tools, boost controllers, and of course the much-loved series of knock monitors.


And this brings us to the main focus of the conversation, as Ioannis jumps straight into the deep end of the knowledge pool and gets very nerdy on all things engine knock. If you want to improve your tuning knowledge and gain a far better understanding of the causes, solutions, and variations of knock, then this episode with Plex Tuning’s Ioannis Andrianakis is a must-listen. 

As per this episode, check out this video to hear exactly what knock sounds like: https://hpcdmy.co/knockknock

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Don’t forget, you can use ‘PLEX25’ for 25% off our HPA Tuning Starter Package here: hpcdmy.co/starterb

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