103: Is This the Future of Track Cars? [PODCAST]

Despite how quickly the world is changing, race cars, track days, and the world of motorsport at large aren’t going anywhere.

In this episode, we sit down with two pioneers who are leading the charge towards the inevitable adoption of viable EV platforms in amateur-level racing with their startup Scalar Performance.

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Joel Fallaise and Brian Bourne have walked very different paths getting to where they are today, with Joel having a background in the performance aftermarket and motorsport scene, and Brian coming from the IT world. Once they met and started collaborating on a few different projects, they realised they shared a common goal — being pioneers in racing and not just looking towards the future, but committing their effort, time, and funds to take serious, carefully considered steps to get there.

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The result is the Scalar SCR1, a 460hp race car that uses Toyota’s current GR86 platform as its base. Unlike factory-built sport-focused EVs out there, this machine is able to run endurance race laps at GT4 class speeds without complaint — and that’s no easy feat.

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This episode is a deep dive into the complexities of developing a viable EV race car, from choosing the components, to designing battery packs and electrical systems, to managing the extreme cooling solutions needed for a project like this. The team shares their experiences, the hurdles they faced, and some intriguing topics like regenerative braking, the life expectancy of the motor and battery pack, and the safety challenges of EVs in motorsport.


This is an eye-opening episode that might just change your view of electric vehicles in motorsport.

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4:38 — How did Joel get into the industry?
7:47 — Brian's professional background
16:40 — Formal Qualifications
19:18 — Overview of Scalar Performance
27:10 — Racing an ICE vehicle vs an EV vehicle
31:27 — Why the GR86?
33:25 — Why create the SCR1 instead of modifying a Tesla?
36:33 — Modification to chassis
45:32 — Cost of EV components
48:39 — 3D modelling the SCR1
52:00 — What is an inverter?
1:02:09 — Cooling the batteries and motor
1:10:08 — Charging challenges
1:12:22 — Regenerative braking
1:17:38 — Power delivery of the Cascadia motor
1:20:38 — Maintenence costs
1:25:17 — Cost of the SCR1
1:27:39 — A dedicated race series?
1:30:34 — Integrating EVs into motorsport
1:34:08 — EV safety and thermal runaway

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