COBB Online Training Course - COBB Accesstuner

Good news COBB Accesstuner's! If you are interested in learning how to tune using the COBB Accesstuner platform we have you covered.

You can find a full COBB worked example in the Practical Reflash Tuning course. Note this is a full step by step course that you own for life, and not just a quick 'one take' tutorial, it's a full High Performance Academy produced course.

This course includes these modules all filmed using the COBB Accesstuner software suite:

  • How a factory ECU measures load
  • How to deal with torque limits
  • How to correctly scale a MAF sensor
  • How to adjust your tune for new injectors
  • How to adjust the fuel delivery
  • How to optimise ignition timing
  • How the factory knock control system functions
  • The difference between open loop and closed loop
  • Speed density vs MAF load measurement
  • How to configure and use a data logger

Your course also includes general information about reflash tuning that is applicable to EFI vehicles no matter the platform you are using. The information is also applicable to both ROAD and DYNO tuning.

COBB tuning software covers marques like Volkwagen, Subaru, Porsche, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford and BMW.

Interested? Become a COBB Accesstuner master with your comprehensive package deal here.

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    I just got a acsses port I have mega loger HD to view my files but I can't get acsesstuner do I have to get a certificate to get the software code??
    - J.fuller2302 USA
    9 months ago