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Good news Honda fans! If you are interested in learning how to tune using the Hondata Platform we have you covered.
You will now find a full Hondata worked example in the Practical Reflash Tuning course. Note this is a full step by step course that you own for life, and not just a quick 'one take' tutorial.

This course now includes these modules all filmed on Hondata K-Pro:
* Step 1: Downloading Existing Calibration/ROM File
* Step 2: What modifications have been performed?
* Step 3: Configure Base Tune File
* Step 4: MAF/Injector Scaling
* Step 5-A: Optimising Individual Cam Maps and Optimising Cam Target Map
* Step 5-B: Optimising VTEC change over point
* Step 5-C: Steady State Tuning and Live Tuning
* Step 5-D: Adjusting all Maps Simultaneously

This course also includes general information about reflashing that is applicable to reflashing no matter the platform you are using. Hondata KPro is used for this example, but it also applies to S300 which is essentially the same platform without some of the variable cam control options that KPro has, making it simpler to learn.

This worked example is available in the Practical Reflash Tuning course, but if you are new to tuning you will want to grab it as part of the EFI tuning Starter Package and take the courses that come beforehand too. The best deal is here.

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  •  's profile image
    Is there a way fir traction control on a S300 with out the speed sensor ?
    - Delcidnho USA
    5 months ago
  • Taz Quinn-Walshe's profile image
    Hey Sabzspeed! I will email you a reply as well, but note, the links above provide this course material.

    The Hondata specific example is in this course:

    If you are new to tuning however, get the package deal as the example assumes you already have a handle on the fundamentals of EFI tuning including AFR:

    Please email directly if you have any further questions for a faster response:
    - Taz.Quinn-Walshe New Zealand
    12 months ago
  • Sabbah Dal's profile image
    Hi how can I buy this
    - Sabzspeed United Kingdom
    12 months ago