How To Build A 1000HP 2JZ | Training Course

2JZ engine swapping? Building your factory 2JZ into something more than OEM spec? This 2JZ Worked Example is for you!

2jz engine building 7

Your course will provide you with the specialist knowledge and skills required to assemble performance engines with professional results. These skills are also then reinforced within worked examples like this new specific 2JZ build, where you can watch the entire engine building process being completed in real-time from start to finish. It doesn't matter if you are building a 1JZ, 1.5JZ, 2JZ or something else, this course is for YOU and while our example has been dyno tuned at over 1000hp, the knowledge still applies to builds pushing more or less power as all the same techniques are used, the parts and associated costs are just different.

You will learn:
- Toyota 2JZ Long Block Assembly
- Piston and Conrod Balancing Techniques (that you can do at home)
- How To Improve Oil and Coolant Flow Performance
- Conrod and Piston Assembly
- 2JZ Cylinder Head Assembly
- Engine Block Preparation

2jz engine building 1

This course is designed equally for the home enthusiast who wants to learn how to build their own engine for a project car, as well as the industry professional who wants to bring their engine building in-house and take more control over the process to provide a better product for their customers.

Not building a 1000HP 2JZ? This course is still going to be of huge value to you and even includes other Worked Examples featuring 4, 6 and 8 cylinder builds, giving you a broad knowledge base for now and also if needed in the future.

To enroll and for more information, click here.

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