MAP vs MAF Sensors | MAFless Tuning

For an engine management system to deliver the right amount of fuel, it's critical for it to know how much air is entering the engine at any time. In this video we are going to talk about the different ways the ECU can achieve this while looking at MAP vs MAF sensors.

This lesson is also great for those wanting to know exactly what a MAFless tune is.

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  • Pete Kiser's profile image
    This is my first time hands on EFI. I come from the world of Drag Racing carburated set ups. 7 years ago I transitioned to tractor pulling. I'm currently trying to learn the FT 550 set up in a K24A naturally aspirated mini rod tractor linked to a ford 9 series 4 speed. Changes are RBC intake manifold with 70 mm throttle body. I'd like to run dry block if possible. 330 cc fuel injectors . I have no availability to a dynamic and we choose 1 gear to make or 300ft pass.
    - Minion USA
    2 years ago