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How to Degree a Cam: Step 1: Set Base Cam Timing

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Step 1: Set Base Cam Timing


00:00 - The first step of our six step process is to fit our cam belt and time the engine up on the factory timing marks.
00:07 So what we're doing here is essentially ignoring the fact that we've got aftermarket cams and vernier adjustable cam gears fitted and we're just going to be treating the engine as if we were fitting a brand new cam belt to an otherwise stock engine.
00:21 Now for our process of degreeing the cams we've also fitted a set of Blox vernier adjustable cam gears.
00:28 Prior to fitting the cam belt, what we're going to do is make sure that those cam gears are adjusted to the zero mark and that all of the adjusting screws or nuts around the outside of the cam gears are locked up.
00:41 This is going to make sure that when we fit the timing belt, that the cam gears aren't going to slip.
00:46 So I'm just going to take an allen key and we'll just make sure that all of the adjustment cap screws here around the outside are tight.
00:55 They don't have to be super tight at this point, we just wanna make sure that nothing's going to slip.
01:05 OK with our cam wheels locked up we can now get everything aligned on our timing marks.
01:12 With our Honda B18C we're looking for a match mark on our bottom cam pulley that's going to align with a marker on our oil pump housing.
01:22 On our cam gears, we have a set of white marks and these are going to align horizontally when everything's timed up.
01:30 So we're just going to adjust these roughly now and we can get our cam belt fitted.
01:45 We've got our cam wheels aligned approximately and once we've gone through this process we can actually use a steel straight edge to ensure that these are aligned correctly.
01:55 We can now take our cam belt and we can fit that to the engine.
02:31 OK so we've got our cam belt now fitted, and at this point we need to tighten the tensioner pulley.
02:38 The tensioner pulley's down here on the engine block and what we're going to do is just use a screwdriver here to apply some load to that tensioner pulley to tension our cam belt and then we can lock the tensioner pulley up.
03:17 We've now got our tensioner pulley tightened up, we've got the correct amount of tension on our cam belt and what we want to do before we turn the engine over is take one last look and make sure that our timing marks still align.
03:28 So here we're looking for our timing mark on our bottom crank pulley and we're also looking at our marks on our cam gears.
03:35 We'll use a stainless steel ruler here just to check the alignment of those cam gear marks.
03:46 So as long as everything aligns there, what we're going to do now is temporarily fit the bottom crank bolt and this is going to allow us to turn the engine over.
03:55 What we want to do is turn the engine over through one full engine cycle and just again confirm that all of those marks line up.
04:31 Alright so we've come back on TDC, again we're looking for our alignment for our bottom crank pulley mark and again we can use our ruler just to confirm the alignment of our marks on our cam gears.
04:44 So we can see that everything is aligned correctly, so our base cam timing is now correct and we can move on with the next step of our process.

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