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Understanding AFR: Tools of the Trade

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Tools of the Trade


00:00 Tuning an engine requires some specialised equipment, and the most important of which is obviously the dyno.
00:07 Since this course is focussed on tuning the fuel delivery side of the engine, I want to talk about the options available to get good reliable air fuel ratio data into your ECU or dyno This data is usually going to come from a wideband air fuel ratio sensor, but there are a variety of ways we can get the data and some are better than others.
00:30 For convenience, particularly if you are planning to tune a number of vehicles, I would recommend investing in a portable wideband meter.
00:39 These are designed to be quickly and easily mounted in a car for the purposes of tuning, rather than as a permanent installation.
00:48 I personally use the Innovate LM2 for most of my tuning on the road or track, and my dyno is fitted with dual Motec PLM’s that data log directly into the dyno.
01:01 There are a huge range of manufacturers offering similar products though so you have a wide choice available.
01:08 While it is useful to have something like the LM2 on your windscreen to quickly reference, it can be hard to be really accurate with your tuning just by watching the meter and making changes on the laptop.
01:22 Particularly during a ramp run for example, it can be hard to tell exactly where in the RPM the engine was rich or lean.
01:30 A better solution is to connect a wideband directly to your ECU so that you can monitor the AFR on the laptop and data log it for review later on.
01:42 Again there are a number of products available to do this.
01:46 The Innovate LM2 and MoTeC PLMs I already mentioned can both provide an analogue voltage output which can be connected to your ECU for logging.
01:57 There are also standalone wideband controllers with no display that are designed for this purpose and will save you a bunch of cash.
02:06 The Innovate LC2 and Zeitronix ZT3 are good examples here.
02:12 The important part of installing any wideband controller is ensuring that the reading you have on your laptop is accurate.
02:19 and in the next module we will look at how to do this so you know you can trust the input.

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