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Brake Booster and tandem sanity check

Brake System Design and Optimization

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Hi there, great course once again!

Just brainstorming here and I wanted to confirm a couple of thought around brake boosters.

1) they don't affect the actual pedal travel, do they?

2)is the brake effort higher with the Booster disconnected than it is with the Booster removed? (Assuming the rest of the system remains the same)

Any hints on how should a single MC (tandem) can be handled for calculating the pressure balance?

From where I am standing, on a tandem system, the pressure is equal on all 4 lines and it's up to any proportioning valves and regulators to balance front to rear, or?


Just to confirm - when you say tandem you mean the front and rear in the same master cylinder, with the pistons in line?

1/ depends on the specific system, but in general a small amount as the proportioning valve is displaced slightly - not something you would notice, normally.

2/ it should be very close to the same, not enough to notice.

The force applied to the master cylinder push-rod, and area of the piston(s) will establish the pressures - usually front and rear are the same diameter, but some designs will have a reduced bore for the front - the force will be same but the pressure will be higher because of that.

If it is the same bore diameter for both parts, the pressures will be the same. Usually the calipers and/or wheel cylinders will be sized for the desired brake balance, with fine tuning sometimes being done by proportioning and/or pressure limiting valves.

Thanks for the reply.

Yea, that's what I meant. Common stock MC.

You are obviously correct. Just had a brain freeze.

Same travel and force for both parts of the MC, pressure defined by the size of each piston.


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