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1.5 way LSD ramp direction

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I bought a KAAZ 1.5way LSD a while back, to be fitted to a FWD Toyota 4AGZE E58 gearbox.

I dismantled the LSD to change the percentage lock from 100 to 65, but forgot to look at the proper directions regarding the ramps before dismantling.

Now I am totally lost as to which side should the ramps go for accel and decel.

Attached picture shows the ramp angle I have reassembled the LSD with and the side of the wheels, can anyone let me know if its correct?

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I know nothing about that differential, however the groove around the one side tells me it's the left. It's common to machine a groove on links with left-hand threads.

Also, I think this page shows the orientation of the angles that matches what you are showing (ie, the Pinon cross shaft will be driven by the shallower angles).


Yes, the picture is correct.

The pinion pin is resisting the split housings pushing on it, and that forces the housing apart because of the ramp angle, which in turn applies a force to the clutch packs.

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