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1990 Golf VR6

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I've owned this car for a few years now and it's gone through some changes.

Finally back up and running with the new turbo set up.

Put it on the dyno for the first time ever (Still very new to tuning)

made 250hp on 10psi with conservative timing.

Obviously there is a lot left in it. Gotta get back on the dyno!

1990 Golf GTI

VR6 2.8L conversion out of a 1997 GTI

Head spacer to lower compression with stock internals.

Rod bolts are upgraded to ARP.

262/264 TT camshafts.

Upgraded valve springs and retainers.

VEMS standalone ECU.

Absolute Power Components turbo manifold.

CXracing Gt35 (budget build lol)

That's some impressive work, be sure to keep us up to date on the build as it progresses and your tune improves

That's a fine looking machine. I assume you plan to run it with an air filter on?

That's very clean, nice work!

Got it back on the dyno yesterday! 358hp and 311ftlbs.

It's a blast to drive now!

What sort of boost levels was that at?

17psi. I feel like it should be making more power at 17psi.

But then again it is a CXracing turbo and im sure it's not very efficient.

Plans to buy a better turbo this winter.

For those boost levels you're about right on the money for power with it being a cheaper end of the range of the market, what sort of intake temps were you seeing and what fuel are you using?

Intake temps were between 45-50 Celsius. Never above 50 though.

Im running 92 octane pump gas. Looking into E85 right now.

I can run flex fuel with my ECU, but i still have lots to learn before i attempt that.

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