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Picked up an R33 with 67k original miles

The stock RB25DET barely puts out 190rwhp and does not make steady power.

Refreshments anyone?


- new NGK spark plugs

Fuel Delivery

- new Z32 fuel filter

- new Walbro fuel pump

Air Delivery

- new air intake


- new Greddy OX-03 oil filter

- new 10w30 oil


- 3" downpipe

- custom 3" Cat-less exhaust

IG Profile




Car was purchased from Japanese Classics in Virginia.


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Hello, do you have the afr /lambda and boost readings from the dyno, in my experience that dyno sheet looks like the ignition is retarded a fair amount. but to make a more educated call the above information would be super helpful

Got any boost numbers? I was thinking either a hose blown off or stuck waste gate?

@ross I dont have those numbers yet but ill see if I can get them this weekend!

@Gord ill check out hoses/WG and let you know

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