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Have you guys seen Don Groffs custom fabricated V12 engine, using 2 Toyota 1JZ's cut and spliced onto a home made crank case and crank?! Its definitely the coolest engine build i'v ever seen. The wank-factor is through the roof!. What makes its even more crazy is that the crank case (which the cut 1JZ blocks bolt onto) is welded together from sections of thick steel plate... rather than being a milled or cast piece. I would have personally sand cast it... the wank-factor would have gone up 1 whole point. He got a custom crank made up (billet Cro-Mo). I just wonder if its gonna sound like a European exotic.

I'm sure his v12 design is very similar to the 1gz Toyota engine which was used in a limousine. If you look closely at a 1gz short block they look like 2 1jz fused together. There are some videos of some 1gz swaps that sound very cool!

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