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hey guys! New to engine building and tuning. Using an 01 Spyder to learn with since the 1zz is plentiful and cheap (relatively). Tuning with an EMU Classic.

Engine 1 (Original) - Installed EMU and made my first map. Played around with NA tuning. It ran well for about a year driven daily while I gathered parts. I was able to get the car to factory MPG, and stock drivability. I even drove out of state for a drift event. Everything was fantastic and I should have left it alone. Installed updated pistons to fix the notorious oil consumption issue. Installed a Pulsar GT28, 550cc injectors, IAC, flat response knock sensor, 50mm BOV, air to air intercooler, mac valve, lightweight flywheel, and 6 puck clutch. Retuned the car and went through break in. After break in, optimized for 8psi (road tuned, conservative timing). Car ran well so I increased to 10 psi. This boost level was fun so I increased to 12psi. Knowing full well that I was getting into dangerous waters, I went to 14psi. Did a few pulls and was pleased. Decided to do one more pull before heading home and windowed the block.

Edit* - Able to salvage the crankshaft. I got extremely lucky that it was spared. 0 scoring or scratches. Wasn't expecting it to be ok. Rod #1 Snapped in half. Rod #4 bent. 1&4 pistons broken (Knocking..? didn't hear knock in my knock ears nor see any from the EMU. Maybe exceeded the mechanical limits?) Other two rods and pistons look fine, but I don't trust them.

Engine 2 - purchased with Rod knock cyl 3. Going to attempt a full rebuild. Disassembled and sent to the machine shop. The shop is backed up so its taking longer than expected. I was hoping to have it back together by December, looks like that is not going to happen.

Crank Shaft out of spec. overheated rod #3. Using crank from engine number one. waiting on machine shop.

Engine 3 - purchased with Rod knock cyl 1. disassembled and ready to go to the machine shop. This engine came with a free transmission.

Crank shaft out of spec. Sourcing another crank.

Engine 4 - Celica engine. In the process of pulling the engine and found cyl 3 rod peaking through the block. Couldn't see the damage when I purchased the car. Unfortunately someone ruined this engine before I did.. Not devastated since the car came with a free 2zz.

Engine 5 - 2ZZ - lowest priority engine. This will probably be the last engine I use. Unverified BHG. Cam with an extra head.

Edit* Engine 6 - Free high mileage engine. Cleaned clogged oil drains on pistons, no scoring on cam journals or crank, engine still within spec, great compression cold/hot, little variation between cyl. Currently in the vehicle @ 9PSI. Road tuned, will hit the dyno once engine #2 is ready as a back up. Runs very well. Not burning oil.

Tuning equipment: Thinkpad E15, LM-2, Phormula KS Pro. EMU Classic

I've had a lot of fun so far and learned so much. Can't wait to get engine number 2 on the dyno. looking forward to to some track days too once the weather warms up.

Edit* looking forward to setting up VVTI. I've messed with it road tuning, but felt like I wasn't able to get the results I want without a dyno. Timing is another issue. I'm far from optimized.

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