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2013 Ducati 1199R Panigale rewire

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Hi all!

I just got through all of the wiring courses, and I'm about to do a complete rewire of my 2013 Ducati 1199R Panigale. I did get my hands on a used "kit electronics package" from Ducati Corse, but it's been crashed and patched badly by the previous owner so I wanted to make my own based on this. Also, it's not exactly tidy, so I'm using the opportunity to clean it up a little and add a switched power supply for external systems such as wideband O2 systems, external blip systems, lap beacon, data logger and so on.

I found a few strange things in the harness though, so I'm hoping I could get some inputs.

The CAN bus wiring originally starts from the ECU on the right side of the bike, goes across in front of the engine to the right side, where it branches forward to the dashboard and back to the BBS (platform control unit) which sits in the tail. The longest branch point by far is the one going back, but the termination resistors are located in the ECU and in the dash. Wouldn't it give a more robust CAN bus if I made the new bus wire go from the ECU, around the bike and back to the BBS, then forward again to the dash and make the splice in the boot for the BBS unit? I drew the bus up in the OEM diagram in the attached image file if the explanation isn't good enough. The ECU is number 6, the dash is 57 and the BBS is 19. 55 and 18 are just extra connection ports for external systems and diagnostics.

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What baud is the bus running at? The maximum stub length you can get away with is affected by many factors but as a general rule the slower the baud rate, the longer the stub can be. For a 1Mb/s bus many pros will say keep the stub length under 500mm - although I have seen plenty of examples run reliably with much longer stubs. If yours is at 500Kbit a 1.5 metre stub would unlikely be an issue.

Of course your comment is still valid - the most correct way to run the bus in your machine would be to daisy chain so that no device has a stub longer than 300mm from the main trunk.



I have not worked on 1199 era bikes, but on the previous 1098 era, the CAN bus from the ECU to Dash was only 125Kbit.

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