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2014 Yamaha R1- Turbo

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I suppose since this forum section was something I suggested, I could start us off. I'm working on my 2014 Yamaha R1. We are building a new turbo system for it to replace to old rushed one that we started with. I am replacing the Factory ECU and Power Commander for a ECUMaster standalone and flex fuel. The following is copied from another forum.

Hello all,

I have been running a turbo R1 for about a year now, it has been running on a ECU flash and power commander unit I tuned on my dyno, but the hunger for more is real. I also have a Hayabusa and a ZX14R on standby for the EMU, they just want to see how it works out on my R1 first lol.

We are currently building a full new turbo system for the bike. We were running a traditional intercooled setup and made 248hp at 8psi on a completely stock motor with E85. I want the bike to be able to handle daily driver situations, so we are switching to the EMU for the availability of flex fuel, more precise control, and reliability. We are going with a W2A setup, new manifolds, exhaust, etc etc etc. I will attach some pics of the bike as it's been and currently is. I'm sure I will have plenty of questions getting the bike set up, especially the DBW section, so hopefully I'll get some people chiming in here :D



Old Turbo Mani

I can only imagine that 248 hp in a package as light as a bike would make for a lethally quick combo - I'm guessing you have some kind of death wish? :)

Great build though and I look forward to seeing it progress. Hopefully the forum collectively will be able to help you out too.

Keep up the great work!

Guess I should update- been pretty busy. Going to start on the new turbo manifold tomorrow. I had a nitrous tune to do on a gsxr and a busa tune to do today. Also working on finishing up a motor for a customers Scion xB.

Andre, the bike is very fast. There are a lot of turbo guys that will say 248hp is a weak number. I don't get traction at 248hp, even with dialing the AMS2000 controller. I have friends with Hayabusas making over 500hp in 5th-6th gear and just stepping boost in before that. They have terrible traction issues as well. I am hoping with the rolling anti lag I will get some really good launches vs blowing through the tire, only time will tell.

Oh, guess I forgot. The standalone came in today for the R1.

Is that the ECU that's made in Poland?

That is some build, are you going to implement some kind of traction control into it?

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