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All Carbon, Impreza WRC Replica

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THis is my baby. Its been taking forever because i'm doing all the doing by myself, self funded, and with 2 kids taking up most of my free time (no complaints, but its true).

My goal is to build an S6 replica, and have the panels be carbon fiber whenever possible. I'm an engineer by trade, and have had a composites manufacturing company (either as a side gig or main source of income) since 2005. Anyway here's the car. The carbon widebody is nearly finished. My current gremlins are taking the engine apart to remove sand (yes, I sandblasted panels of the car prior to installation of the carbon bits to knock out any and all rust, some of which ended up in the engine despite being "hermetically sealed" in painters plastic...next up is doing my wiring since i'm going a reverse manifold setup, which moves around enough of my components to justify hacking up my old harness or using it as an opportunity to make a quality "milspec" (ha) harness.

Instagram is @bakemono7, where much of the updates are posted.

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Nice work - are you familiar with "Street Bandito", a similar project around a Z240 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCACpqvHISBbfy7hD4oQzpbA

Warning, you may find yourself still up at dawn... especially if you also check up on Project Binky - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHvBHWBzzB7NyU5tIiEZHBg - no CF but some rather good ideas and techniques.

Awesome. Carbon 2 door widebody. Very cool.

Whats the motor spec out?

That is a phenomenal project!

Thanks for sharing

Awesome build!

Awesome project! looking forward to the progress Trey.

Any update? Very cool project.

That's awesome! You must have changed your Instagram. I can't find you anymore.

This is amazing. I wish I had your skills!

Impressive man, looks fantastic.

I've seen and worked on it in person. It's definitely one of the best gc projects out there. Should be running in the near future.

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